Activities fields

The activity of the institute is characterized by a dynamics of the preoccupations permanently connected to the requests that have developed over the years, so that now we have a comprehensive experience that is the basis for approaching new issues occurred in the field of the sustainable water resources management and the correlation with the European legislation for Romania's integration into the European Union.

The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management has also as attributions, services and research-development activities on large expertise areas that cover in practice all water management and hydrological fields (in natural and infrastructure development regime of waters).

In the frame of our institute there are elaborated:

  • hydrological, hydrogeological and water management studies and researches;
  • diagnosis;
  • warnings in case of dangerous hydrological phenomena;
  • hydrological forecast of national and transboundary interest
  • synthesis, yearbooks and monographs
  • environmental studies and balances
  • eco-hydrological studies and researches 



Technical assistance for:

- hydrometrical network design

- hydrometrical network achievement for accumulations and management systems of water with free level flow

- purchase, installation and exploiting classical and automatic hydrometrical equipment

- hydrogeological network design and the elaboration and implementation of the monitoring programs

- works of underground water intakes

Assessment of the effects occurred as a result of extreme hydrogeological phenomena with environmental negative impact

Testing of the hydrometrical equipment made in Romania and abroad

Training for measuring, collecting and processing of the hydrometrical data