National projects

Starting with 2005, through the implementation of the DESWAT – Destructive Water Abatement and Control of Water Disasters, the field of hydrology and water management enters a new stage of development and modernization of the following systems:

  • The monitoring of rivers, by installing automatic stations equipped with sensors measuring water, precipitation level, water and air temperature and also measuring the main parameters of water quality
  • Short-term and medium-term hydrological forecasts, by acquiring performant forecast models, NWSRFS (USA), etc. and the integration of the Romanian forecast models VIDRA, CONSUL and UNDA in the decisional system of waters.

This project, extremely important for the management of floods and real time warning, is financed by the Romanian Government and it is implemented by the American company LOCKHEED MARTIN OVERSEAS CORPORATION and has as primary objectives

-the use of SIMIN project facilities (Integrated National Meteorological System);

-the evaluation of potential damages – costs, in the case of floods and their decrease;

-the elaboration of medium-term and long-term hydrological forecasts taking into consideration various scenarios of the meteorological situation evolution.

The DESWAT project will integrate the communication and radar system within the SIMIN project (Integrated National Meteorological System).