Advanced researches regarding the following issues:

  • influence of the climatic changes upon the hydrological cycle
  • occurrence and propagations of flash floods on water courses
  • water resources management during droughts periods
  • eco-technique of water courses
  • displacement of pollution waves
  • determination of flood vulnerability and afferent risks

Hydrological forecasts in order to underlie the regime of reservoirs exploitation

Contains monthly and decade forecasts of affluent discharges in reservoirs, flood forecast and water levels on the Danube in sections of interest.

Potential beneficiaries:

·  Hidroelectrica Joint Stock Company,

·  Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant,

·  naval construction sites on the Danube.

Hydrological yearbook of the surface waters

Contains data and information regarding meteorological factors that generate and condition flow, water and alluvial discharge, winter phenomena.

Possible end-users:

·  Design (Consulting) Institutions,

·  commercial units having as main activity the supply of water for users,

·  important agricultural landowners exposed to the flood risk.

Cadastre of the surface and underground waters

Data regarding mean, maximum and minimum flow, total load.

Hidrological synthesis and regionalizations

Synthesis area generalization relations for hydrometrical controlled rivers, concerning mean, maximum and minimum discharge and mean total load

Potential end-users:

·  design institutions, and

·  water resource management institutions

Hydrological studies regarding the hydrological parameters necessary for design and exploiting the engineering hydrotechnical structures related to water

Mean discharge, maximum and minimum discharge with different exceeding probabilities of hydrographic total load and their characteristics in the sections of interest of the water courses.

Potential end-users:

·  design institutes,

·  owners of fluid transport pipelines that cross water courses or are under flood risk.

Hydrogeological studies for assessing the underground water resources and their rational utilization

Hydro-geological characterization of interest areas, the depth of aquifer layers, the evaluation of ground water resources, apparent velocity capacities

Potential end-users:

·  commercial units,

·  local administration

Infrastructures development plans of the hydrological basins

The development of utilities and water demands, identification of projects for insuring water demand, flood protection, placements, project performance parameters.

Potential end-users:

·  Ministry of Environment and Water Management,

·  National Administration "Romanian Waters",

·  Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,

·  Departmental Councils,

·  experts that elaborate urbanism plans and regional development.

Regional strategies of development in the water field

The present stage of the water management resources in the region in question, water supplies, flooding defense, droughts effects mitigation, soil erosion, drainage and dryness. The assessment of the water requested by the usages, the necessary works for covering the water requests, the defense against flooding etc.

Potential end-users:

·  Ministry of the Environment and Water Management,

·  Ministries of Economy,

·  County Councils,

·  Institutes for designing the development and urbanism plans

Studies of flooding occurrence

Geodetic survey of the area, maximum discharges with various exceeding probabilities, computation of the water level and delimitation of flooding areas as a result of the water course overflowing

Potential end-users:

·  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,

·  Ministry of the Environment and Water Management,

·  Ministries of Economy,

·  Commercial Units,

·  County Councils

Environmental impact studies

The assessment of environmental impact studies, according to the legislation, refers to the following fields:

Hydrotechnical structures:
- works of water level and runoff regulation from lakes
- hydrotechnical development like: embankments, corrections, installations for alluvia  retaining or for protection   against floods
- the exploitation of gravel, sand, therapeutic mud or other materials from lakes, water courses or groundwater     sheets (excepting the punctual extractions motivated by floods prevention)
- works of shallow groundwater tapping
- works of coastal area development and exploitation of afferent natural resources
- water supply wells deeper than 50 meters

- prospecting, exploration and  exploitation of oil, natural gas or coal and other natural  mineral resources,   including those in the sea

The elimination of wastage and packs:
- deposits for temporary or permanent storage of dangerous wastage
- discharge and/or storage of inert materials

- industrial units for processing of food and agro-technical products

Other works or installations:
- land improvement accomplished through works of art, and also interventions on surfaces larger than 200 hectares   and/or accompanied by technical measures with agricultural purposes like irrigation or cropping of agricultural   lands on surfaces larger than 20 hectares, also like general projects of withdrawal from the agricultural cycle
- gravel, sand quarries and other exploitations of unused materials in order to produce energy
- structures and installations for raising farm animals
- agricultural development
- urbanism and territory development plans  

Possible end-users: Enterprises

Specifications for obtaining the water management licences

The content is according to the specific legislation

Possible end-users:

·  Enterprises that use water or whose activities are connected to the water field

Studies and projects for reconstructing/restoring the water courses

The present state of the watercourse hydrosystem. Ecological rehabilitation steps according to the international usages

Possible end-users:

·  Ministry of the Environment and Water Management,

·  Ministries of Economy,

·  Enterprises

Specifications for assessing the security exploitation dams from A and B categories

The content is according to the in force legislation in the field of dams security

Possible end-users:

·  Administrators or holders of the dams belonging to A and B categories

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